Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mammoth Cave, Cave City, Kentucky

Mammoth Cave

The longest cave in the world. Over the years, the "mummy" has been found in prehistoric cave explorers. The discovery of the first recorded in 1935, with the body fixed next six tons of heavy boulders. In the mid-19th century, the doctor who (incorrectly) that the wet conditions may be a remedy for tuberculosis, to open the cave sanatorium.

From tributaries Part 365 miles of underground caves formed over 10 million years ago, the cave continue to form even today. Under the tunnel constant atmospheric conditions, combined with the saline soil and sun, who met their death corpse stored beneath the surface.

Aaron, the most famous cave explorer, was brought to the cave in 1838 as a slave. He is the first decline in the five levels of the cave, the surface 360 ​​feet below, and scientific discoveries eyeless Kentucky cave fish still swimming in the waters.