Monday, 24 December 2012

Aurora borealis, Canada

  • Aurora borealis

What is Aurora?
Occurred in the north and south poles of the aurora phenomenon on our planet. Aurora in the northern hemisphere is commonly known as the "Northern Lights." Antarctic in the southern hemisphere is also referred to as the "southern lights. Pulled into the atmosphere, the Earth's force of this phenomenon occurs in the particles of the solar wind. Aurora is said to continue to occur over the Earth's surface between one hundred kilometers and 500 kilometers.

Observed aurora is the best place where?
Around the Earth's two magnetic poles is called a the auroral oval halo-like ring. Just below each of the auroral oval is the best place in the area most often see the aurora. Under oval is located in the northern part of the city of Yellowknife, Canada Fairbanks, Alaska and Lapland, Norway. In these places, Yellowknife geographical obstacles, such as mountains, providing customers with a high percentage of sunny weather in the winter due to high ratings probability.

What is the best time to see the aurora when?
Aurora occurs all year round. Winter and aurora image is powerful, but in fact you can see the aurora in the summer. However, for some of the high-latitude summer in Yellowknife and other locations, the sun is just a very short period. Because it is still bright at night, it is not possible to see the aurora. In addition, a lower percentage in the spring and autumn, the weather was very unstable, sunny sky. Therefore, we decided that the best viewing season from mid-August to the end of September, and from mid-November to mid-April. In Yellowknife, you can see the aurora about 240 days a year, there are no obstructions, such as the thick clouds, and they almost always. Aurora Village has been calculated every season, people have the opportunity to see more than 95% of the aurora aurora viewing customers to participate in three consecutive days.
While some people may be concerned, the full moon is a problem, only weak aurora may hinder the light of the moon is often strong enough, but in Yellowknife Aurora, Aurora viewing on a moonlit night is still possible. The aurora photography "above the landscape under moonlight, auroras tend to have a pleasing effect. Overall, participate in the tour of the aurora, and do not need to worry about the moon.

What type?
From the most ordinary white green, pink, and then to a range of rare red, blue and other colors of the aurora. Red is difficult to recognize with the naked eye, the deep red color is so unusual, many people living in the north have never seen it. It has a variety of shapes: curtains, flounced, bow belt, whirlpool, corona, but never 2 aurora same color and shape. Finally, there is the aurora breakthrough at an alarming rate, so that the the dance awesome beauty of the night sky. However, the fast-moving, colorful auroras often lasts for only a short period of time, about 10 minutes. Aurora Village, all the staff with a short radio waves, continuous monitoring and communication conditions, so guests will not miss the auroral displays of the aurora.

Why you can often see the aurora over Yellowknife it?
Each of the Earth's geomagnetic pole is located is surrounded by a ring of "auroral oval", one of the oval just below the northern city of Yellowknife. With the curtain structure, and colorful lights, Aurora broke up "is often direct impact. Lifelike movement, coronal aurora has a powerful presence.Imagine laying on the frozen lake, countless stars, a natural Planetarium in warm winter wear. The stars appear at the end of the aurora veil. Beautiful color and shape change in an instant aurora release created a deep impression on the mysteries of the heavens and the earth, which will bring tears to your eyes.
(What is the meaning of the aurora burst open to it?
According to the strength of the solar wind, auroral activity with running east to west and from south to north, and vice versa. When the belt through the direct impact, the the corona shape of Aurora "burst open". ) In fact, this is the effect of the formation of the curtain of the aurora looking up from below. Instantly change the shape of the aurora, you can see the pink, and sometimes purple the auroral curtains hem of. Auroras appear when the curtain like a centralized or folding flip to witness it often overwhelmed.