Monday, 24 December 2012

Autumn gorge,Genbikei,Japan

  • Autumn gorge

Genbikei Iwate Prefecture is located in the northeastern region of Japan, is a 2-kilometer-long canyon. Rapid flow Iwai River along the river carved rocks long years. Waterfalls, potholes and sharp rocks to attract tourists. Their respect for nature carved water and blue water color contrast and gray cliffs. The best season to visit the canyon autumn. Maple, rowan, ginkgo biloba, Canyon belt brocade.

If you visit the canyon, you should try the the Kakko man or dumplings. They are also called "flight dumplings", as they flew over the river. A line Iwai River. You hit the wood, and then use the pickaxe a basket by wire from the other side of the river, the teahouse. You get the dumplings and tea. Some tourists the flight dumplings visit the Genbi Department, rather than the beautiful scenery.

The Genbik Department of Canyon is located in a tour a good place for other popular tourist attractions, such as Chusonji, and visceral Temple. This ancient temple was founded in the 12th century. Chusonji famous Golden Hall and visceral Temple have a beautiful garden, on behalf of paradise.