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The Esplanade,Singapore

  • The Esplanade

Esplanade, Marina Bay (Marina Bay) - on the Bay cinemas situated in a prime waterfront land, and provide a complete living experience - dining, shopping, and the performing arts.

Concert Hall
The Esplanade crown jewel is its 1600-seat concert hall, with a first-class sound by the world-famous sound engineer, the late American Artec Consultants, Russell Johnson. With the best minds of the acoustic design, which hosts a variety of musical performances.

With a capacity of about 2,000 intimate horseshoe shape design. It has the biggest stage in Singapore, and can be easily adapted to different scale performances.

Playing studio
The ideal place for chamber music and solo concerts, cabaret and jazz concerts.

Theatre Studio
With a high degree of adaptability of the stage, lighting and sound systems, it is able to accommodate the needs of different staging.

Drama Centre
Drama Centre, 120-seat theater with 615 seats of the front of the stage and intimate black box.

Rehearsal rooms
The rehearsal room is a large performance venue space.
Reception venue
Space provides the ability to cater to both large and small features.

Bay Room
A private space, often used for private events and other coastal Presents'programmes.

Roof terrace
Gulf and breathtaking views of the city skyline, a spacious lounge area to relax, but also the location of the perfect photo opportunity, it is a green haven.

Outdoor Theatre
Scenic Marina Bay (Marina Bay) along the open-air theater is a place to watch the free outdoor performances.

Esplanade other major outdoor performance venue, the edge, experimental and innovative performance.

Located at the main entrance, the front yard is a convenient meeting place for visitors to the center.

Jendela (Visual Arts Space)
"Jendela" (Malay "window"), the visual arts of the Esplanade, the main exhibition space. 215sqm gallery, located on the second floor, with views of Marina Bay (Marina Bay).

Esplanade facing the main entrance, the center of the intersection of the Visitor Center Plaza.

The lobby the Esplanade exhibition venue for visitors to understand more about the center's history, use, and local arts development in Singapore.

This space 85 meters long walls, floors and existing pillars, Raffles City subway connection Binhai creative use.

Community Wall
Located on the third floor of the Esplanade Mall, the works on display will be pleasantly surprised.

Theatre Street Cone
The channel called dramatic street from the mall lobby skylight cone queuing opportunity to see an unusual exhibition space, surprising and encouraging passers-by.

LCD display at basement
In view of the growing number of video works and multimedia works, some form of selection and presentation of the entire center of the LCD screen-based art is an important source.

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