Monday, 24 December 2012

The light festival,Ghent,Belgium

  • The light festival

Luminarie De Cagna is an Italian family business, founded in 1930. The company was in the holiday lighting of buildings and squares, and oil and calcium carbide lamp. This soon to be switched to the lamp, only LED for new projects since 2006. Lamp added, so that the large light curtains, which are placed in a building or other objects are dispersed in the region. As a result, the entire street and even Square is filled with light.

In 2012, the Ghent Ghent Light Festival Belfortstraat (Balfour Street) will become the domain of the lamps Cagna. A huge colonnade made ​​of wood and hundreds of thousands of lanterns, arches remind one of the Roman and Renaissance architecture. The entrance area is an imposing 28 meters high. Audience into a fairy gallery, surrounded by light and color.

The wooden covering 55000 LED lights up to 28 meters (92 feet) above the Belfortstraat the Romanesque Cathedral lamps Cagna only with the energy of 20 kWh.