Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Agra fort, Delhi, India

Agra fort

Agra Fort is located in Agra, India, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fort also known as Lal its pull, Fort Rouge and Red Fort of Agra. This is its more famous sister monument, the Taj Mahal approximately 2.5 kilometers northwest. Fort can be more accurately described as a walled palatial city.
Akbar built of red sandstone Agra Fort, when he was through with his consolidation of power, the power to join in 1654, Agra Fort worked as a military strategic point of view as well as the royal residence.
. Ever since Babur defeated and killed Ibrahin Lodi in Panipat in 1526, Agra played an important center of Mughal Empire, it is in a ruined condition, Akbar decided to make his capital, and Akbar arrived in Agra in 1558 has been rebuilt with red sandstone. Architects laid the foundation and built a brick, the outer surface of the inner core with sandstone. Some 1,444,000 builders worked for eight years, was completed in 1573.
At the end of his life, his son, Aurangzeb, in the fort, might not seem so harsh punishment, considering the luxury fortress, Shah Jahan was imprisoned. Is rumored, Shah Jahan died in an excellent view of the Taj Mahal's marble balcony, Burj Dubai tower Muasamman.
Fort contains splendid palaces both in red sandstone and white marble built two generations of prolific builders Akbar Jehangir and Shah Jahan. Nearly 500 Akbari buildings built in the Bengal and Gujarat tradition only a few people survived, arrayed in a band in the river.
Some fine structure, it is worth mentioning:

Sheesh Mahal - literally "Glass Palace", which is made up of tiny mirror-like glass mosaics on the walls of the royal dressing room.

Zhiyuan-I-am - This is a public communications between ground and nobility, once housed the Peacock seat.

Diwan-I-Haas - private audience hall, which is used to welcome kings and dignitaries.

Anguri Bagh - this house 85 m2, geometric arrangement of lush gardens.

Cass Taj Mahal - a perfect white marble palace.

Mina Mosque - literally means "day mosque, it is a small mosque open to the public.

Nagina Mosque - literally means "precious stone mosque, its purpose is specifically for the ladies.

Musamman sailing - with a balcony facing the Taj Mahal, a large, octagonal tower.