Friday, 18 January 2013

Konkan Railway,India

                               (Breathetaking View of konkan railway & Dudhsagar waterfalls)

  • Konkan Railway

Konkan Railway is the commercial capital of India, the missing link between Mumbai and Mangalore. 760 km long line connection slump, Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, the United States - region criss-crossing rivers, valleys and mountains, towering into the clouds.

The Konkan eastern coastal land Sahyadri hills on the eastern boundary and west of the Arabian Sea. This is a land myth respiratory side side with economic growth, land, rich in mineral resources, dense forest cover and landscape surrounded by the rice fields, coconut, mango trees. Powerful terrain to be conquered, short construction period meant only to complete the help of the project, a number of technological innovations.

In addition to the the Konkan railway infrastructure construction projects, trends in the country, provide concrete proof of Indian engineers, their discipline, team spirit and courage skills. But pay tribute to the indomitable human spirit. In addition to the technical terms, this is a leap of faith, so that the people of the region may dream for many years. The Konkan Railway also changes associated with the project engineer and the lives of others. For them to overcome all difficulties, and satisfaction and pride, they have established the glory for posterity. Completion of the Konkan Railway, Konkan region for many people in the 50 years of national independence, redemption is a tryst of fate. "So it was entirely appropriate, completed track will be closed January 26, 1998 the first train of the Republic Day.

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