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Pink Lake-Lake Hillier,Australia

  • Pink Lake-Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier - a complex archipelago southwest of the Middle East RECHERCHE about 100 islands belonging to the outflow of the lake is located in Australia's island. Coast of Western Australia, the drought near Cape Town.

This is the width of a salt lake about 600 meters from the ocean and separated by a narrow strip of land. It has a similar footprint from the shape of the edge of the forest and the sand is separated by belt mixed with salt. Between the woodland species Melaleuca leucadendra and eucalyptus trees.
Origin of the lake to be traced back to the year 1802. This year, the British explorer Matthew Flinders and calendar to visit this place in his journey in Sydney. Their living in this place in the early years of the 19th century, whalers and seal hunters.

Lake dyeing, the color pink. The reason for this color has not been elucidated. This color is permanent, even if the entry of water into a container. In the mid-twentieth century, the scientists wanted to find out what causes the lake takes pink color component is water in the lake. Initially, it was considered to be this color algae Dunaliella salina to produce a red dye, but they conjecture has not been confirmed.
In the 20th century, the early years of mining salt lake, but was abandoned after six years of mining operations.

In Australia's southern coast, is a group called RECHERCHE Islands more than 100 islands. One island, dense forests, sparkling lakes. It looks like a huge green carpet, surrounded by white sandy beaches footprint.

It is 600 meters in diameter and relatively shallow. Is divided from the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean only a narrow band of matte, sand dunes and white sandy beaches. Once it is mined salt, but gave it up many years ago.

RECHERCHE Islands and Lake Hillier, first examined by the expedition of Captain Flinders in 1802.
In 1950, researchers studied the lake, trying to figure out what makes it very color. They hope to find in the salty waters of the algae. However, they did not find any traces of them there is no one person can answer the lake takes its wonderful color.

Is considered to be the most likely explanation, a pink color due to low levels of nutrients and by a variety of bacteria and algae.

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