Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Selfridges Department Store, Birmingham, England

Selfridges Department Store

Birmingham branch of Selfridges department store building is a raging mattress, excellent wearing such a famous dress sparkling aluminum plate 15000. It is by the name of the future system tells you almost all you need to know that the company is a the a landmark catalyst dying city center of revitalization. Artificial cliff city, a huge sea anemone, friendly, a drop like aliens, the mother of all magic mushrooms, wrote, "The Guardian architecture critic Jonathan Glancey. "This is the department store building as pure entertainment."

The design team have done a fairly extensive work to use all the resources. Arup Research + Development play a large-scale testing and analysis of elements: structure, services, facades, fire, communications,
And acoustics. Internal software and three-dimensional computer model allows the use of efficient and economic construction.

Selfridges department store building also achieved many awards of excellence and innovation, such as: Concrete Association Outstanding Structure Award Regional Award, the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Royal Fine Arts Commission and BSkyB Retail Innovation Award, the Royal Society of British Architects Regional Award structural steel Design Award.